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About VCF

On 1st March 2018 our Mother, Vijay Chopra passed away, after a five-year long battle with Myeldosysplastic Syndrome (MDS).

The Vijay Chopra Foundation has been set up to celebrate the life and honour the legacy of our mother. Mum’s wish was to create a charity devoted to helping others suffering from the same condition.

What Is MDS?

MDS is an extremely rare form of blood cancer, in which the bone marrow fails to produce healthy blood cells.  The immature, underdeveloped cells, take over the function of the bone marrow, reducing the number of functioning blood cells circulating around the body.

Our Foundation

Our foundation is a U.K. based charity that focuses on conducting fundraising activities, and projects, for which the funds are donated to leading MDS related charities. Please see a current list of our beneficiaries:

Eden Ward

The principle aims of the charity are to help raise the profile of MDS and improve the level of funding this condition receives across the board, particularly for training and development purposes.

Our First Project

Our first project is to help establish and raise funds for a nurse-training programme in conjunction with Eden Ward (of Wexham Park Hospital, Frimley Health Trust), which will serve as a much-needed platform for nurses to further develop their careers in the field of MDS. The overall objective of this programme is to help improve the level of care for patients in the long term.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to know any more information regarding Vijay Chopra Foundation, feel free to contact us below.